I'm Timo Zuccarello, Student and aspiring Software Engineer.

I live in Ulm, Germany and I enjoy writing things in functional languages like Haskell or at least in functional style in C++, C#, Kotlin, Java or even Python and Javascript. Further, I'm interested in both the programming and the mathematical parts of Machine Learning and as such I'm working on improving my skills in that area.

Apart from this website I also host a GitLab instance and a TeamSpeak Server which can be accessed from the menu above.

Below are some things I've made so far, though this list isn't at all complete.

Personal Project: Syncify

The Covid-19 pandemic really showed me how important it is to be able to connect with one's loved ones online, when meeting in person isn't an option. Unfortunately, Spotify lacks a service to synchronously listen to music together, which many people would consider as a basic social activity — listening to music together. But fortunately, Spotify does provide an open API! Hence, I decided to make a lightweight synchronizing web app where one can join a room and synchronize themselves to the self-proclaimed DJ. Anyone can claim DJ at any time, but there is no room list, so it is assumed that users chose a room using a messenger beforehand. Interacting in the context of music can be fun and therefore a lightweight chat is can be found in Syncify as well with a preset of fun emotes.

Personal Project: Flappy Wizard

Originally planned to be a Kotlin Android App, Flappy Wizard was eventually ported to Javascript so it can be hosted as a website. Flappy Wizard is a pixel-art Flappy Bird clone with pick up power-ups or power-downs. Further, it was integrated into Telegram as a playable game!

Personal Project: Telegram Widget

During the time at which Telegram was lacking an official, integrated home screen widget I've decided to make one myself. It solely uses active notifications to display unread messages in the widget which means it doesn't require standalone account access but much rather uses existing tools. An official widget has since been added, but I've decided to keep mine on the Google Play Store.